The Red Heifer Sacrifice

We know that the offering of Yeshua as a sacrifice can be symbolically attributed to all the various Levitical offerings outlined in the Torah. In this, we recognize the work of Yeshua and value His purpose for being sent. This doesn’t mean that Yeshua did away with the sacrifices of old, but rather that He was symbolically a manifestation of them in a variety of ways.

One such sacrifice that ties in with Yeshua’s death is the sacrifice of the Red Heifer found in Numbers 19. Let’s break down the comparisons.


The Red Heifer had to be completely red. (Numbers 19:2)
Yeshua became covered in his own red blood from lashings and beatings. He also wears a robe dipped in blood. (Revelation 19:13)


The Red Heifer was the only female animal that could be offered to God. (Numbers 19:2)
Yeshua was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a female slave.(Matthew 26:15, Leviticus 27:4)

Without spot or blemish

The Red Heifer needed to be without spot or blemish. (Numbers 19:2)
Yeshua was without sin. (1 Peter 2:22)

No burden upon it

The Red Heifer could not bear any burdens. (Numbers 19:2)
Yeshua’s cross was carried by Simon. (Matthew 27:32)

Outside the camp

The Red Heifer was sacrificed outside the camp. (Numbers 19:3)
Yeshua was crucified outside Jerusalem. (Matthew 27:33)

Anyone could slay the Heifer

The Red Heifer could be slain by anyone – it didn’t need to be a priest. (Numbers 19:3)
Yeshua was crucified by Romans. (Matthew 27:35)

Slain before the High Priest

The Red Heifer was to be slain in front of the High Priest. (Numbers 19:3)
Yeshua was crucified in front of the High Priest. (John 19:21) (He saw the sign above Yeshua on the cross)

Gathering the ashes

The Red Heifer’s ashes are gathered by a man that is clean. (Numbers 19:9)
Joseph of Arimathea gathered Yeshua from the cross. (John 19:38)

Cleansing from death

The Red Heifer’s ashes were mixed with water and used to cleanse people from being unclean after coming in contact with the dead. (Numbers 19:9)
Yeshua’s sacrifice cleanses from death.

Purification of sin

The Red Heifer’s sacrifice was for the purification of sin. (Numbers 19:9)
Yeshua’s sacrifice is for the purification of sin. (1 John 1:7)

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