And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.
— Leviticus 26:12

Today’s Dichotomy

The 21st century Christian perspective is not the same as a 1st century Jew. Our modern-day culture, our language, and our preconceived paradigms all influence our interpretation of Scripture. We’ve been raised in a Greek-based society, educated by a Greek-based system, and governed by a Greek-based government — it’s no wonder we have a very Greek-based worldview. Even many of the church fathers were entrenched in Greek philosophy prior to converting to Christianity, and because of this, the Greek worldview has permeated religion. These factors, along with early church agendas, have increased antisemitism, instilled misleading doctrines, and severed the eastern, Hebraic worldview from the interpretation of Scripture. This blog is an attempt to regain that ground, and bring light back to the Hebrew worldview. Learn more about the Greek vs. Hebrew worldviews.

Recent Posts

This is a journey and by no means a definitive conclusion to the studies herein. My expectation is to grow with each post, to learn, and to enjoy the details of God’s word.