Death to Resurrection

There’s always discussion about when Yeshua actually died during Passover. Some of the biggest questions I’ve encountered do with the day of His death more than anything else. Some claim that He ate the Passover with His disciples as it mentions in Luke 22, and others say it was the night before Passover that He ate claiming that He had to have died on the Passover while the other sheep were being slaughtered in order to be the Passover Lamb that Paul speaks about.

I’d like to address this in detail. I’m a visual guy, so I’ve mapped out the dates in a calendar-type format. You can download it here: pdf death-to-resurrection.

First, let’s remember that Hebrews don’t necessarily concern themselves with chronology. The exact dates of occurring events isn’t very relevant, but rather the actual event is the primary focus. So whether or not Yeshua was sacrificed during the slaughtering of the lambs is not a necessity for Him to be our Passover Lamb. It’s all about what happened and the way in which it happened, not when it happened.

Luke 22 is very clear that Yeshua ate the Passover with His disciples, and shouldn’t be discounted. But in order for us to gather the facts, we must read through all Gospels and map it out as best we can. We’re very Greek minded, so chronology matters to us, and we love to debate it. Because of this, I created the PDF above so that it might shed some light.

Some things to note are that the Hebrew ‘day’ begins when the sun goes down, so night proceeds day. Also we need to dig into actual words because reliance upon translations can cause some issues. One such example is the ‘preparation day’ mentioned in Scripture. Most English translations translate it correctly as the ‘preparation day’ but the Russian translates it as ‘Friday’ because the translators understood that the Sabbath was Saturday and Friday was always the ‘preparation day’. But this misses the fact that during the Holy Days, Passover day itself is a preparation day as well while the next day, the first day of Unleavened Bread is a High Holy Day.

One other glaring fact about Yeshua’s death and resurrection is that He claims His death will be for 3 days and 3 nights. Removing oneself from the religiosity of this event and focusing purely on the logical aspect, a Friday death and Sunday resurrection does not work. There is no third night. So we have to refactor our understanding.

If any of this interests you, I believe you’ll enjoy the calendar I prepared in hopes of explaining this event chronologically. Again, it can be downloaded here.

pdf death-to-resurrection

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