East vs. West Worldviews

East vs. West worldviews. As I’ve mentioned before, one’s cultural upbringing directly influences one’s worldview. Eastern and Western cultures are very different in many ways and these differences affect our perceptions in life, our societal relationships, and interpretations – especially those of Scripture. Scripture was written by people who were raised in a very eastern (Hebraic) worldview, but we tend to read it from a western worldview perspective, so often times we miss the little nuances that would otherwise impact how we might interpret the text. Continue reading “East vs. West Worldviews”

Hebrew Worldview Compared to the Greek

We live in a Greek-based society under a Greek-structured government and taught according to the Greek-model of education. It’s no wonder that we view the world from the Greek paradigm.

This effects every facet of our lives, and directly influences our interpretation of scripture. But did you know there’s a Hebrew world view? There’s a mind set that is shared among the writers of the Bible that differs substantially from our current day viewpoint. I’d like to address the more obvious differences below. Continue reading “Hebrew Worldview Compared to the Greek”