A list of resources to augment Scripture.


Topics of Interest

Hebrew Worldview Compared to the Greek
A side-by-side comparison between the Greek worldview and the Hebrew with explanations on how they differ from one another.

Benefits and Penalties
The 33 articulable benefits for practicing God’s law and the 50 penalties.

Mark of the Beast
A comparison between the Mark of the Beast and the Sign of God, how they contrast each other and an interesting twist into their relation.


The First Century
A timeline of the people who lived in the first century. This includes the prominent Rabbis, Roman rulers, Apostles, and Yeshua.

Death to Resurrection
A chronology of the events that transpired leading up to the death of Yeshua and through to His resurrection. All 4 Gospels have been consulted along with a study into the Aramaic and Greek translations.

Additional Resources

Sefaria A Living Library of Jewish Texts (my favorite)

Identity Crisis by Jim Staley

Hebrew Mind vs. Greek Mind by Brad Scott

The Hebrew Mind vs. the Western Mind by Brian Knowles

The Greek vs. the Hebrew View of Man by George Eldon Ladd

Hebrew Interlinear Bible online

The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus by Nehemiah Gordon

Greek Education vs. Holistic Learning by Steve Cioccolanti is a great video collection.