The Wedding of the Lamb

This article details Yeshua’s purpose and aligns Scripture in a way few perceive. You will learn about the various parties involved with the wedding, why it’s needed, and its relation to the kingdom of heaven.

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The Covenants

What is the Old Covenant and how does it differ from the new one? Who are they for, and what do they mean to us? All this and more is shared in this document.

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Counting the Holy Days

How to properly count the Holy Days following the outline God instructed directly from the Torah.

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The 7th Day Sabbath

This article will explain the Biblical rules behind keeping the Sabbath, and it’s importance in our lives as one of the 10 commandments.

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Mark of the Beast

A comparison between the Mark of the Beast and the Sign of God, how they contrast each other and an interesting twist into their relation.

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