About Mark

My name is Mark Uraine and He Walks With Us is my blog. This is where I dig into the technical parts of language, time, and culture to find the original intentions of the authors of the Bible. My goal is to set aside my own theology and explore what the original authors knew and communicated to the original audience. I write about exegesis, hermeneutics, and the effects of critical analysis in accordance with the Biblical texts.

I currently reside in Southern California with my wife and three children. I am a Speaker in the congregation I attend where I often share the word of God in ways that provoke thought and challenge the status quo. My studies focus on ancient Israel, the grammatics of Hebrew, and the Hebrew/eastern worldviews in contrast to the more Greek/western worldviews. My efforts in these fields have lead to an array of resources and relationships that continually help me learn and grow.

I am striving to serve YHVH as a newly grafted-in Israelite. Yeshua, the Son of God, is my example and my Rabbi. This means that I don’t conform the Biblical text to my life, rather I conform my life to the text, and especially His interpretation of it. Yeshua has all the authority granted unto Him by the Father. I recognize that Yeshua was a Jewish man, the Messiah who died and resurrected to redeem His kingdom (the 12 tribes). This is the good news.


While I have a BA in Fine Arts, I am not formally educated in any spiritual or scriptural fields of study, nor do I intend to be. Christian schools have millennia of skewed Hellenistic doctrines and paradigms that aren’t conducive to Hebraic 1st century Jewish understanding. Jewish schools are equally skewed and resist the teachings of Yeshua. My education comes from the accumulated experience and teachings of mentors and scholars who have a far better understanding of their specific fields of study than I do. These men and women have walked paths with which I can only empathize. They are the giants on whose shoulders I stand. Their competency in the Hebrew language and culture, their suffering in faith, and their accomplishments in life are inspiring.

Speaking at events

If you’re interested in the topics discussed here and would like me to speak at an event, contact me. I enjoy talking about the differences between western and eastern worldviews, the importance of Hebrew as a language, and how to augment one’s study of the Bible.


My name is Mark Uraine and He Walks With Us is my blog. Those who have accepted the grace found in Yeshua are now grafted into the good olive tree which is the commonwealth of Israel according to Paul’s letters; Romans 11:24 and Ephesians 2:12. With the understanding that we are first saved by the blood of Yeshua, we now have an obligation to abide in the Word, and to keep Torah.
I first began this adventure several years ago when I chose to become more Torah observant.  I am part of a Christian religion that had already kept many of the commandments, so the desire to keep them all was a natural step in my walk of obedience with Yeshua.  I have found that the most difficult part of keeping the commandments, statutes, and judgments is actually the research into how each specific law was applied to the people who heard these words first-hand from Moses, and down through the generations to the first century apostles.  God’s intent with each law, and how it is properly fulfilled in our lives, is a major concern.  I desire to commit myself fully in obedience as I rely on God to prune away my imperfections so that I become a useful tool in His service.
God is working, He is pruning, and He is correcting, and with every bit more that I submit myself to His will, God reveals more of His Word in my life.  I thank Him and give Him all glory!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.